artist statement

Amber Dow Artist Statement
Working with large pieces is more of a journey than a quick release of expression. I use layers, multiple textures and imagery to create realistic emotions in an abstract medium. The early 20th century & late 19th century images inspire me to pay homage to women bound by draconian roles and traditions. These snapshots frozen in time along with memories and symbolism from my own childhood help me sculpt a scene much greater than the sum of its parts. My use of color is reserved but not absent much like a dream or a distant memory. My goal is to invoke empathy and healing for the past with a healthy dose of darkness for posterity.

Artist Summary
Vast farm land with huge antebellum homes cover the landscape of Madison GA and are a stark contrast to the old abandoned textile mills which dot the small town of LaGrange GA, but influences of both childhood homes can be seen in Amber’s work. The dark industrial look combined with the large eclectic scenes appears as a perverse union of the two rural towns.

Working in mixed media gives Amber the freedom to use many techniques while staying true to a style uniquely her own. Multiple textures, layers and finishes provide a complex back drop for each scene or character. Drawing on themes from the past and childhood Amber uses vintage almost antique imagery to construct scenes frozen in time yet alive with emotion.

Growth is neither painless or with out anguish, however it is essential for survival. It is only through reverence for those who came before us and an abdication of our own fears that one can truly grow-or Auctus.